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Courses and Workshops include:

Overcoming Your Immunity to ChangeTM

Getting the most out of your 360 Evaluation

Managing Time and Competing Priorities

Overcoming Your Immunity to ChangeTM

This multi-part series offers a profoundly different way to overcome your barriers and create lasting change.

As leaders, we all face challenges with self-development in areas where we are seemingly "stuck."  Many of us have increased our self-awareness over time through training, coaching, 360 degree feedback and self-reflection, but despite these developmental efforts and our best intentions, creating lasting change in our professional and personal lives is maddeningly difficult.  Learn what's getting in the way and how you can beat the odds to create lasting, positive change in your life and work.

Based on the well-known “Immunity to Change™” concept, this workshop sheds light on how our beliefs and mindsets create an “immunity to change,” where we unwittingly protect ourselves from the very changes we want to make.

This workshop series will walk your through a process to diagnose your specific “immunity to change” around a particular commitment, identify what's getting in the way of your growth and set you on a path to overcoming your immunity and creating lasting, positive change.

Workshop includes one 8-hour classroom session and three 1-hour, individual coaching sessions.    Additional coaching available at reduced rates.  

Getting the most out of your 360 Evaluation

360 degree feedback can be vague, contradictory and confusing, and it is often difficult to determine what to address and how to address it.  This workshop provides insight into how to "unpack" your 360 results and create a plan to move forward in your high priority development areas.   

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