Individual Coaching

Are you traveling a well-worn path to the same obstacles?

Working to find your way in a new role?  

Exploring a path to the next role?

Individual coaching provides a space in which you can explore new possibilities, increase your self-awareness, identify the root causes of your current barriers to success and create and work through a plan to achieve your goals.  Coaching can also help you reach clarity regarding currently undefined or loosely defined goals.  

Executive Core Coaching

Is your Executive Team holding on to the ways of the past, despite significant shifts in your business environment?

Do you have talented leaders but lack unity of purpose?

Is your organizational culture undermining your efforts?

Executive Core coaching identifies the elements of your business culture that interfere with your team's adaptability to change, highlights and addresses the root causes of the team's lack of unity and shortens the "storming" and "norming" phases of integrating new members of your executive team, enabling you to significantly increase the effectiveness of your executive team.

Team Coaching

Are you spending more time heading off team conflict than leading growth?

Are you trying to quicky integrate new team members or merge members of previously separate executive teams?

Team coaching shortens the "storming" and "norming" phases of a new team, quickly identifies the root causes of, and provides solutions for, areas of team conflict and enables you to significantly increase the creativity and productivity of your team.

Coaching benefits leaders, teams and individuals at every level and in every context.  For more information about coaching, check out this FAQ.

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Professional and Personal Coaching