Do you get constructive feedback on the same issue repeatdly?

Are you stuck in an unconstructive pattern behavior?  

Do you want to better understand your source of frustration?

Too often, we know exactly what we need to work on but find ourselves repeating the same pattern of behavior.  We respond defensively when challenged, get sarcastic when frustrated, withdraw when we feel marginalized, micro-manage when stressed, lose all sense of organization as work increases, ignore the strategic in favor of the easier tactical, drown under the workload rather than asking for help or setting priorities - sound familiar?  The problem is mindset.  Our brains are wired for survival and looking for danger at every turn.  To get off of this ride requires identifying what your brain sees as danger and convincing yourself the danger isn't real.

Most development programs focus on skills - learning and practicing a new set of behaviors.  The problem with this is that it doesn't ever get much easier.  You will always have to force the behavior if your mindset still identifies the situation as dangerous.  If you're trying to improve your emotional reaction to disagreements with others, for example, skill building will help you say the right things, but inside you'll still be seething.  Changing your mindset means changing the entire belief system that makes you seethe.  You learn to see these situations as just what they are - just another conversation, interaction or work task.

We have facilitated this process,  creating greater effectiveness and satisfactions, for hundreds of leaders, executives and individual contributors through coaching and workshops.

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Is your behavior on a permanent loop, getting you nowhere?  Will power is amost never enough.  Your mindset needs to change.